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"Beneficial Nematodes get tough on fleas without the need for dangerous chemicals or toxic pesticides"


FLEA DESTROYER™ is a live product that kills fleas in the yard and garden where they breed, but is harmless to people, pets and the environment. It’s made up of millions of microscopic organisms (NEMATODES) that actually penetrate the body of juvenile fleas living in the soil. After killing the juveniles these organisms will reproduce and continue searching for more pests.

For effective flea control, a three-part program is important: fleas must be attacked on pets and animals, in the carpet and upholstery, and outside in the ground. While many products offer flea control, FLEA DESTROYER is THE solution for the crucial third step – outdoor flea control. It’s easy to use: all you do is mix it with water and spray the affected area.

The beneficial nematode, may be nature's simplest answer yet for getting rid of troublesome, blood sucking fleas that infest backyards, homes and pets each year like clockwork.

The nematode hunts down fleas in the pre-adult, pupae, and larval stages of their growth, which account for 95 percent of the flea population, even searching out the fleas that lie dormant in cocoons before reaching maturity. They enter the pest's body through any convenient opening, such as the spiracles, where air is taken in, and releases a bacteria that kills the flea within 48 hours.

When the host is dead, the nematode sheds its skin and begins to reproduce inside the corpse. The offspring hunt for new prey, destroying the remaining fleas in the wake of the nematode life cycle. If there are no host bugs to be found, the nematodes starve and biodegrade, leaving no harmful backyard bug alive to tell the story.

They can be used in any climate, as long as their food source is available. Across the country, wetter climates have the worst flea problems, but the nematodes aren't regionalist. Wherever there are fleas, they'll be ready to kill.

"Once they're out there, and if it's moist enough, they'll start hunting." And the nematodes will keep on searching for their next flea meal for up to six weeks after the last flea has died, preventing new fleas from reinfesting the area.

The reliable nematode kills off only harmful bugs. The nematode won't harm the other beneficial bugs that live in backyard soil, he says, so the natural ecosystem of the yard is preserved.

We Have Been Carrying This Product Every Flea Season For Many Years Now And Every Year We Have A Waiting List Of People Waiting For It To Arrive.





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Don't forget the other two steps
needed for long-term, effective flea control:


Step One: The Animals

We carry many different options when it comes to flea control on animals.

  • Spot-On Treatments: We carry Advantage, Bio-Spot, Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix and Liberty.
  • Pills: We carry Capstar Flea Control Pills.
  • Shampoo: We carry many different brands including Adams, Bengal and Four Paws.
  • Dip: We carry Adams, Happy Jack, Martins, Sentry and Venom.
  • Sprays: Adams, Bengal, Enforcer, Frontline and Venom
  • Natural Internal Remedies: Ashley's Water Additive & Garlic/Brewers Yeast Chewable Pills.
  • Natural/Organic Solution: Natural Chemistry Shampoo & Sprays, Venom Organic Spray.


Step Two: Inside The Home

We carry many different options when it comes to flea control inside the home.


  • Sprays (ready To Use): Adams, Bengal & Enforcer
  • Sprays (concentrate): Kill-A-Bug
  • Powder: Enforcer (we also carry vaccum tabs)
  • Flea Traps: Enforcer & Victor (we carry the refills also)

BEST SELLER: Kill-A-Bug (blue label) & I.G. Growth Regulator (COMBO)


Want to use a traditional pesticide for your yard instead of the Nematodes?

We carry Adams & Enforcer (ready to use sprays with hose end attachments...just connect your hose and spray). We carry Talstar Granules, Bug Blaster Granules, Over and Out Granules and Sevin Graules.


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