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We carry a full line of dog supplies, including quality collars, leashes, muzzles, kennels (inside and out), wormers (round, hook and tape, dog vaccinations, homeopathic, flea control products (spot-ons, dips, shampoos, sprays and pills) and much more.

We carry quality dog foods including Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, Diamond, Taste of the Wild, Nutrisource, Exclusive, Victor, Valu Pak and more. We have formulas for puppies and adult dogs (including specific formulas for small breed & large breed).

We also carry senior and weight management formulas. You'll find economy lines as well as higher-end lines.

Feeding Blue Buffalo or Science Diet?
Come By And Get A FREE Sample Bag of The Chicken Soup or Taste Of The Wild Dog Food And Compare The Ingredients and How Well Your Dog Likes It.....

If you're looking for collars, leads, and/or harnesses, you'll be able to choose from one of the largest selections on the Mississippi coast. We carry "Coastal," "Leather Brothers," and "Lupine."

We have everything from extra small (toy breeds) all the way up to extra large. We have nylon (plain and plastic coated) in assorted colors including the "neon" colors, we have printed designs, and we carry a full line of leather products (including full spiked collars and harnesses).

We can even make a name plate for your new collar while you wait (most cases).

You will not find low-quality collars, harnesses, or leads. We carry only high quality products that offer unmatched strength and durability. They will keep their color longer and are fray resistant.

We also carry the 7in1 and 8in1 vaccinations for your dog.

We also carry a full line of toys, grooming products, and treats. One treat we carry is "Greenies." This green tooth brush shaped treat cleans your dogs teeth and breath. There are several products on the market that have tried to duplicate "Greenies" but have failed to even come close to it.

Once you see the difference between "Greenies" and the other green treats, you'll agree that there's "no comparison."

You'll also find a complete line of flea control products for your pet, your home, and your yard, including "Adams," "Bio-Spot," and "Happy Jack."

We have a wide selection of dog worming products, including "Nemex-2," "D-Worm 120," "Safe-Guard," and "No-Mo Pills."

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